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Communication can be established on many levels. My photographs convey a certain message that is shared between the viewer and me. A spoken word can spark a conversation and establish a friendship. Characters written on a page can open up a world of dialog allowing two people with similar thoughts to share an idea. All of these can provide a mechanism for us to change a moment in time into a lasting memory. Feedback is important to all of us as it gives us an opportunity to ask questions and gain answers. Please feel free to contact me.

My photographs are not merely capturing a moment but rather they are about instilling in the viewer a sense of wonder and curiosity so that they begin to ponder not just the subject but the reality of what we see.  These are the kinds of emotions that excite me and I love talking with people to understand how the images touched them or made them feel.If you would rather not deal with a form you may send me an e-mail which is the lifeblood of communication in the digital age and a revolution started by the radical stamp-phobic masses. Judging by my in-box it is the communication vehicle of choice for most of the planet. Drop me a line at and let me know your thoughts.

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