“Who am I?” It is interesting how three simple words can spark such a diverse and sometimes enlightening thought process. Throughout my life I have had many people who have asked for a definition yet have come away confused or frightened. I, myself, feel I am a relatively simple being who is trapped between realms of reality. Based upon this theory, I can be anything to anyone at any given time. I am living proof that Darwin’s theory works. Above all I have accomplished, I am most proud that I have survived. As with anyone, I am a product of outside influences upon the human mind. The four areas most responsible for who and what I am are education, family, experience, and philosophy. My life and personality is analagous to an off-road adventure. You can never be sure what is beyond the next turn and yet you are drawn to the unknown. There is little use turning around since you have already experienced all that you’ve passed.


My current camera of choice is the Nikon D800. I just recently received this as a gift from my wife Trina as an incentive to continue rehabilitation from my third shoulder surgery (my pitching days are now behind me I’m afraid). My camera bag includes:

Besides the Nikon D800, I also have a Nikon D300s, a Nikon D300, a Nikon D100 and a Nikon D70s digital SLR cameras.

Although I shoot almost exclusively in digital now, I do still have film cameras that I take out once in a while. My film cameras include:

  • Olympus OM-2
  • Olympus OM-2n
  • Olympus OM-4
  • Nikon N80


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My inspiration for this site has taken me to the far reaches of the Internet to gather information and knowledge necessary to understand the concept of photo blogging. My first exposure to this medium came from Catherine Jamieson and her book, Create Your Own Photo Blog. Taking the templates that came with that book as examples, I have adapted them to my own style and created a small site. I’ve since moved on to other platforms evolving the site into what you see today. This iteration of the photo blog is running on the WordPress system. The photoblog component was created using the WordPress Plug-in Yet Another Photo Blog (YAPB).  The theme is a modified version of Reflection.  I am using Host Gator as my service provider and I have been very happy with their service and pricing.